The Future Of Xbox One

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The Future Of Xbox One

Bullet Dec 3, 2013

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    Xbox One is no longer strictly a gaming console and when you look into the company behind the machine you will see why.

    Microsoft has seen some massive changes in the companies structure which have influenced the direction the Xbox has moved in. The Xbox One is now part of " One Microsoft " which is a strategy to bring all of Microsoft's products closer together. Microsoft is updating all three OS platforms, Xbox One, Windows and Windows Phone that will advance them in a way to share even more common elements. The Xbox One already shares a Windows NT core with the Windows phone and Windows, but but Microsoft is also looking to unify its app store and make the developer toolset on all three platforms similar.
    This change is planned to take affect in 2015 and is known as Threshold.

    The codename Threshold, for those wondering, derives from the planet around which the first halo ring orbited in the original Halo game launched back in 2001. Threshold joins "Cortana," Microsoft's answer to Siri, as yet another codename with its origins in the Xbox franchise.

    Steve Ballmer will remain CEO and rather than selling off Xbox from the company has made plans for One Microsoft. Changes to the company have already taken affect with big changes to the company's infrastructure.

    Terry Myerson, current head of Windows Phone engineering, is now the head of the new Operating Systems Group at the company. Myerson is going to run engineering for the Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox operating systems. Anything that attaches directly to these OSes, such as Xbox Live, and Skydrive also reports into this new OS division.

    Julie Larson-Green, the current head of Windows and Surface engineering, becomes the head of engineering for the new Devices and Studios group. In her new role, Larson-Green will run engineering for Surface, Xbox, mice, keyboards, games and entertainment.

    Looking at the changes happening behind the scenes you can clearly see the influence for the Xbox One.
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    1. De
      Good Research, Interesting knowledge
    2. Bullet
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="Dextoxified" data-time="1386091679">
      Good Research, Interesting knowledge

      Thanks, Its good to see whats happening within the company to give you some idea of the direction in which Xbox will be heading.
    3. ag
      And in 2015 the exclusives will dry up and the Xbox One will all be about TV.
    4. Bullet
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      And in 2015 the exclusives will dry up and the Xbox One will all be about TV.

      That would of been the case in 2014 if Steve Ballmer was replaced as CEO. The hard work is almost done already, getting an Xbox into homes all around the globe. All setup and ready for some cable company to buy into....

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