The Death Games Exclusive Developer Interview

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The Death Games Exclusive Developer Interview

Bullet Apr 7, 2015

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    The Death Games is an RPG, open world, action adventure game being developed by Avalon Games LLC. We have been lucky enough to interview the lead developer Lorance Williams, about this upcoming open world game.

    What is The Death Games about?
    The Death Games follows the adventures of duo protagonists, Louise and Luke, who are caught up in an ancient tournament in which the victor is granted immortal power. The games pits mage against mage in perilous battle, all the while, the fantasy world of Kitanria is on the verge of war, waiting for someone with such a power to save it.


    What genre would you put The Death Games into?
    I would probably fit it in the Action Adventure genre, but it certainly has a lot of elements from other genres too. It has some survival game features, in your ability to roam the open world and use resources to improve your character. In many ways it even delves into the mystery genre in the discovery of the Death Game opponents, which requires information and details found in the city in order to locate your enemy and proceed.

    What is The Death Games going to look like?
    One of the game’s most fantastic elements is our graphical detail. We’ve put a lot of time and effort and work into producing a game that looks and feels incredible, with graphics the likes of which few indie games really ever see. We’re aiming for AAA quality in this.

    What can players expect in the game play of The Death Games?
    Kitanria is an open world, so players will take control of protagonist Luke, and are free to explore the capital city of Tubonte and beyond. There, they will find countless side quests and stories to be told, along with an in depth narrative campaign. There will be combat, dialogue decisions that affect the overall game, and much, much more.


    What other redeeming features will be seen in The Death Games?
    Well, we’ve also obtained a professional and incredible cast of voice actors, all of whom will be voicing the entire dialogue of the game, from simple NPC lines to the central script. We feel this gives the game greater immersion. Not only that, but we also have composers working on the soundtrack, so the game is never without atmosphere.

    How long have you and your team been working on The Death Games?
    I began work on the game over a year ago now back in February 2014, and worked alone on the project for a short while. But once I realized the potential of the game, I began to hire on workers in the summer of that year. Now, 9 months on, we have built a great team of artists, modellers, coders and writers, all eager to create the best game that we can.


    You plan to put the game up on KickStarter. What can donators expect in return?
    If players are kind enough to donate to our campaign, they can expect a whole range of things depending on their donation. A mention in the credits, a t shirt, a copy of the game, or perhaps even having themselves designed as an NPC in the game itself! We are extremely grateful for whatever gamers will give.

    We have had a sneaky insight to this game since it's conception several months ago, and we are very excited to see how far it has progressed. The quality of the game is absolutely amazing, and we are sure you will like what you see. In fact we are that positive that our members will love this game, we will be housing a forum for 'The Death Games' right here on this website, so you will get all the latest information about this fantastic game right here.
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