The Dark Below Will Totally Change Destiny

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The Dark Below Will Totally Change Destiny

Bullet Dec 3, 2014

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    If like many other gamers you have lost interest in Destiny lately, bored of grinding the same missions repeatedly, tired of trying to get those Ascendant Materials for upgrades, then boy do we have news for you!

    Bungie have released an in depth breakdown of what we can expect when the new expansion pack 'The Dark Below' releases on December 9th and it looks to be a real game changer.

    Legendary gear will be getting an update, with all existing legendary gear in the tower being replaced with newer beefier Legendary Gear that will feature higher Attack and Defense values. Guardians will still
    require Ascendant Materials to upgrade the new gear which can be acquired by either dismantling unwanted Exotics or by simply purchasing them from Xûr for 7 Strange Coins from Friday to Sunday.
    The new legendary gear will be available to all guardians, but will not be as powerful as new Raid gear or Exotics.

    Exotic items will no longer require Ascendant Materials to upgrade, this includes armor, weapons and weapons. Just like the new legendary gear, new exotics will have higher Attack and Defense values than the current Exotic Gear. To upgrade current or stored exotics, go see Xûr who will be able to upgrade Exotics to the higher Attack and Defense values, for a price of course!

    There will also be two new exclusive competitive playlists, "New Crucible arenas (Pantheon, Skyshock, and The Cauldron) will be featured in map rotation" say Bungie in the recent developer blog.


    There will of course be a new level cap of 32 and a new Raid 'Crota's End' which will be playable from the 9th of December. Good news about that all important loot too, in the new raid loot drop rate will be higher.

    Bungie are hopeful that this DLC will add some much needed longevity to the game, what do you think, is it too little too late, or are you excited for The Dark Below? Have your say in the comments below.
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