texture modding heavy fire will be easy

t3fury Jan 24, 2013

  1. t3

    t3fury Guest

    Ive just opened up the ISO for heavy fire shattered spear and all the textures are png and dds and all the sound FX are in wave and ogg format this should be an easy to redesign.

    for people who dont know this game its another cod clone that will be released on the 29th of January
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  2. Bu

    Bullet Guest

    Nice find. You had a go yet?
  3. AD

    ADDZ Guest

    We had a look at it a few yesterday and the whole game can be redone lol. It's not a COD clone though it's more like "Time Crisis".
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  4. CRACKbomber

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    There's quite a few problems with that. When files are not in archives it's hard to modify them because they will have to be the exact same size or smaller if you plan on ISO modding, not saying it cannot be done but it will be difficult. IIRC some PNG/DDS compression methods are not supported on the Xbox because of endianesse differences.
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  5. t3

    t3fury Guest

    no i havent had a chance to yet

    sorry it was on ign i think where it said it was a cod clone
    no i wont be doing a iso mod just a folder rip

    i cant believe the size of the extracted iso is only 915mb

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