{Syn} Syndicate Clan is now recruiting for Halo 4 only

SergeantRock92 Nov 11, 2012

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    Welcome to our Recruiting post!

    The Syndicate is an mature Online gaming community with members from all over United States. Our current support is Halo 4, We place an emphasis on creating a casual gaming atmosphere for our members but we will also have a competitive atmosphere for those who decide that casual isnt a enough. The number one thing that Syndicate looks for in its members is the ability to have fun. We place a high premium on competitive play within the community but at the end of the day the friendship's we have within our community are worth far more than the score at the end of the round.For this reason absolutely NO CLAN DRAMA or CHEATING is tolerated.

    In addition, our members take pride in contributing towards our online community. This creates a very laid back yet fun atmosphere for our members to play in. We are always looking for new members to join us. Player skill is not important, whether you're casual, noob, expert or someone in between all are welcome to join in our fun.

    The Syndicate is currently recruiting mature players meeting three basic criteria

    1. Players must be no lower than age of 14 years.

    2. Players must have a microphone headset or Earpiece.

    3. players must have their gamebattles info fully up to date if wanting to compete

    if you meet these three criteria's then your able to join The Syndicate.

    if you have any problems please contect. djgrim58 or Sergeant Rock92 over Xbox live or email us at [email protected]

    Please follow these steps in-order to join

    Step 1. register on Website @ http://-syndicate.enjin.com/recruitment
    (note. Website is incomplete due to free service, are Welcome if want to help out)

    Step 2. send friend request with message saying that "you are joining syndicate" to both djgrim58 and Sergeant Rock92 if you have not done so already...

    Optional: Can check out previous activities at these sites

    Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/THE-SYNDICATE/115919175142131

    Gamebattles page @ http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.com/xbox360/halo-4/team/syndicate-

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