Suspected Xbox One leaker refusing to unlock laptop for police.

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Suspected Xbox One leaker refusing to unlock laptop for police.

XPG Darkside Jul 29, 2013

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    SuperDaE, the Australian who allegedly leaked Xbox One details and tried to sell a supposed Durango dev kit on eBay is reportedly unwilling to unlock his laptop for the police.


    Kotaku reports that SuperDaE – real name Dylan Wheeler – is said to be charge with new offences aside from the Xbox One leaks, this time because of an unwillingness to cooperate with West Australian Police officials investigating the original matter.

    Wheeler appeared in court earlier this month in relation to the Durango case, but since then a data access order issued by the police which demanded Wheeler unlock and reveal the contents of his Macbook Pro, but he claimed he couldn’t remember the necessary passwords due to them changing regularly.

    Kotaku has an image of the data access below that runs down the events of Wheeler’s refusal to pen his laptop.


    Whether he has genuinely forgotten the passwords amid what must have been a month of turmoil remains open for debate.

    We’ll update once we know more.

    What do you think of the above?
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    1. tEcHN0
      what an ugly Fecal Leaking.
    2. Abrakadeadguy
      I just love how a crime is defined; casing a victim. Yet in this instance, the victim is not known.... yet they charge him anyway. ( note the N/A on the screen shot of the document )
    3. Homura
      Would of been nice to get my hands on a legit xbox one dev kit but yeah if he had one he would of had to either have connections to a MS Dev (Which they wouldn't risk their job or life for anyone lol so that option is out) or he was a Dev in a company that is making games for xbox one for the initial release. Or he just BS lied and MS doesn't take kindly to anyone doing that type of sh*t... Still to get your hands on a xbox one dev kit would make it possible to make an class to fix the saves so mod tools can be made. As the xdk has all the information one would need. It is c++ and would need considerable knowledge of c++ to understand the code and to be able to write a class to fix saves.

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