Survey reveals 79% Of Gamers Wont Buy Cheaper Xbox One

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, Jun 4, 2014.

Survey reveals 79% Of Gamers Wont Buy Cheaper Xbox One

Bullet Jun 4, 2014

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    Microsoft have recently announced a cheaper Xbox One bundle without the once mandatory Kinect resulting in a price drop bringing it inline with the PS4 pricing, however is it enough to convince gamers to purchase an Xbox One console? Not according to a recent survey conducted by market researchers which shows that a whopping 79% of gamers would not currently buy Microsoft's Next Gen console.


    Interestingly though the survey shows that 43% of Xbox 360 users have not purchased the 'Next Gen' console because of its price, oddly though 58% of those very same users said they wouldn't buy the Xbox One at the lower price of $399 which is a massive $100 price drop. It's not clear if these results are because gamers want the kinect bundle for the same price as the PS4 or if the $399 price tag is still too much. A lot of gamers do not see any point in jumping from the Xbox 360 right now which could also be a reason for the odd percentages.

    Phil Spencer is a man on a mission and the Xbox Team are working hard to turn around the Xbox One's bad reputation and this month see the introduction of Games with Gold for Xbox One as well as the Xbox 360, but is it enough to win over gamers? Are you sticking with an older gen console, if so is it because of the price or lack of games, let us know below...

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    1. Br
      reason 1 i wont buy Xbox One Or PS4 now is the price At 250$ I Will
      reason 2 games too expensive like usual first release 69.99 after some months same release is bearly 10 15 $ second hand still playable
      Reason 3 i got ps3 xbox 360 and honestly i saw Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One and i played it on Xbox 360 Where Are Next Generation HD Textures i Fail To See It do i need a 3000$ TV for that ? or more ?
      I Will Buy An Xbox One Just To Support Xbox Division And I Hope They Wont Fail So Miserably Again I Dont Want PlayStation Supremacy !!!!!
    2. OfficialSilas
      Still a good console, just needs a bit more done to it. But honestly, the XBOX One needs time to get it's gamers back. It will turn out like PS3 and XBOX 360, where the XBOX 360 was terrible but sky rocketed to be the #1 bought and used console world wide. But i don't think XBOX ONE will ever reach that mark, but it just needs to get ideas on what GAMERS what than what the creator's wan't themselves.
    3. Mi
      im about the same as a lot of other people. to me its cost and the games are being released on 360. i only buy games on sale (and use bing rewards at that so i never spend my personal cash on games) and the Xbone games sales are all crap in my opinion anyway. how many times are they going to make CoD ghosts $40 for a digital copy when it should probably be $30 anyway? or ryse stuff or killer instinct or whatever it is. im just not ready to make the leap. the new borderlands isnt even coming to xbone. it dont have the developers backing it why should i? they wont back it till more consumers back it so im kind of standing here waiting for all these planets to line up.
    4. Scorpion
      I'm sticking with my RGH 360 until the Xbox One is hacked.
      Simples really, no way am I forking out €70 or near-abouts for a game Ill only play once!

      The only game Ive ever bought was FIFA and its the only one I play online.
    5. KillerSoda94
      Right now I'm still using my 360, the reason I won't buy a One or PS4 cause there are still games coming out for the older gen. And money of course. I might even stick with the 360 till they stop putting out games for it but even then money is still a big issue
    6. si
      I own a PS4 and a Xbox One. I play my 360 nearly 90% of the time still.
      Why bother with lack luster games on a console that is more built like a crap windows 8 computer when my 360 works so perfectly? The dash on both PS4 and One are trash. Both are hard to deal with and it seems as if these dumb ass corporate losers think we want our game consoles to be like our way over the top phones and tablets. I can not stand how we navigate things now. As if it is somehow simpler to turn my home PC into a phone wanna be. K a bit off topic but trust me thats my biggest gripe with next gen.
      Remember when they were game machines built soley to play a game? Simple fun easy to deal with.. Where the hell did they go?
      #1 gripe with both PS4 and Xbox One... Loading all games to HDD WTF??? Reduce load times??? Black Flag seems to work fine on my 360 so why the hell did I have to wait nearly 3 hours before I could even look at it on Xbox one? And a 500gig HDD??? Are you ^&%$ing kidding me? Now when I want to dust off a old game to play with a friend I will have to ask them to wait cuz I gotta reload it on my console (try back in 4 hours so we can do one level of coop on a game we used to play). Boy cant wait for the day we have to do that. And why is a game like black flag so small on 360 disk and so massive on one? I dont see enough improvement to justify the insane size increase. You all not figure out how to compress games on the new consoles yet?

      #2 gripe with both new consoles. Most of the games are coming out on my 360 why bother with the obscene install times and sizes when I can pop it in my 360 and hardly tell the difference? OK there are a few next gen only games, a very few!

      I own almost every game for the xbox one and several for the PS4 mostly because I have a illness that causes me to have to get everything thats new. (nasty habit)
      Which console do I choose? MY XBOX 360!!!!!
      Until there are some real next gen only games and they get away from making my dash board look like my mentally challenged windows 8 computer thats not worth a damn... I play last gen.
      PS. I write this on my aging windows 7 laptop that has serious heat issues and lags like crazy but it beats the hell out of windows 8 computer! Get a clue MS windows 8 and all things made to resemble it suck!

      The Snause berries taste like Snause berries...
      Why can't my game console be a game console, My computer be a computer and my damn phone make phone calls! I also really hate my company issued Iphone 5 nearly as much as I hate windows 8 and the dash board on my xbox one. Everybody is trying to be the same now. Heres a challenge lets have a game console that plays nothing but games.

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