Studio Liverpool Lives on as Firesprite

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Studio Liverpool Lives on as Firesprite

frostyzz Dec 6, 2013

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    Studio Liverpool, most well-known for working on Sony's WipEout franchise, shuttered its doors last year after Sony closed the studio. IGN are reporting good news for fans of the developer - Studio Liverpool is living on as Firesprite, at least in spirit.

    Firesprite is largely made up of members of the now-defunct Studio (15 of its 20 staff), and its five key employees have a combined experience of 80 years working on PlayStation franchises.

    It remains to be seen whether the new developer will pick up where Studio Liverpool left off with the WipEOut franchise, however. Their first project involves work on Studio Japan's PlayStation 4 title The Playroom. Managing Director, Graeme Ankers, certainly wants to create a new WipEout title - "Ultimately, we love these games, but the decision isn’t ours. WipEout is a special game. Its soul comes from Liverpool’s development history." - but the decision is entirely up to Sony.

    We certainly hope a new WipEout title is on the cards, but regardless, it's good to see such a well-loved developer has managed to live on thanks to the determination and dedication of its employees.
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