Sony Unveils Mobile Projector For PS4

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Sony Unveils Mobile Projector For PS4

ADDZ Aug 8, 2015

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    Sony Unveils Mobile Projector For PS4
    Supports only 720p, Partial Specification and Features Revealed, plus costs as much as PS4 itself.
    One of the problems with the PS4 is when you are throwing a nice birthday party or another type of social event, or just want to kick back and watch the latest movie at home, your tiny little 42" LCD screen might look nice at 1080p and all that, but imagine if you could fill an 8 foot wall with your own big-screen movie palace like setting, would you not be the king of the barrio at your next party event or special evening with your kids and loved ones.
    Well, Sony has decided to come to your rescue and give you a way to hook up your PS4 to an official projector, and make your PS4 the central thing for your entertainment needs at your next social event, by projecting up to 120" screen at amazing 720p and mobile!
    Personally, I don't understand the need to make it mobile with battery, when for life's sake, the PS4 itself is not mobile and needs AC power to run, I would have thought this would make more sense if their was battery mobilized version of PSVitaTV released in the near future, well maybe that is Sony's idea, but Forbes reports the price of this new PS4 accessory is going to be $350 and releases in October, which is almost what the PS4 console sells for, so is it really worth it, so what do you think about the device called 'MPCL1'?

    Source: forbes
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