Sony PS4 Reballed ( First in the World )

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Sony PS4 Reballed ( First in the World )

xpghax Nov 30, 2013

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    in sidey's basement :(
    this is taken from polish console repair service site ;)


    As the first service in the world, and thus in Poland made ​​the impossible!
    proud to present a new gallery showing the full process uBGA heart PS4 console
    - an AMD APU Jaguar range of activities:

    1 Removing the PS4 console on the European release (date 29.11.2013r.)
    2 Removing the APU system based on IPC (CPU & GPU - AMD system Jaguar) from the motherboard
    3 Reballing the APU on a new solder alloy Sn63/Pb37 (unfortunately does not have at the moment, sit under a BGA. We made ​​all the marbles own - it took 3 hours but byłon worth it!)
    4 Installation of the APU system based on the IPC
    5 Installation of the motherboard console PS4
    6 The test result of the device ended POSITIVE !

    Console after made uBGA and replacing thermal paste to Arctic Silver S runs a lot quieter during long hours of gameplay in KillZone Shadow Fall ;)

    Heart PS4 console - CXD90026G!​

    Purified APU in PS4​

    The cleaning process APU​

    Removing the PS4 console​

    Removing the drive in the PS4​

    Dual Shock 4​

    New solder joints Sn63/Pb37 at APU​

    Motherboard PS4 without APU​

    Motherboard PS4 lower part​

    Motherboard PS4 upper part​

    Preparation for the dismantling of the​

    Reballing APU on the foot Sn63Pb37​

    Our studio ;)

    Removed APU​

    Positioning APU in PS4 waiting for installation​

    site here:
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