Sony Just Annnoyed Fans Over Playstation Now 'Beta' Pricing

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Sony Just Annnoyed Fans Over Playstation Now 'Beta' Pricing

Bullet Jun 24, 2014

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    Sony fans recoiled in horror recently when Sony unveiled the Playstation Now pricing whilst Xbox fans laughed so much they cried!

    Sony fans scrambled to get into the Playstation Now beta which is a streaming service that allows users to download and play games to their Sony devices, but what wasn't made clear until just recently is that the beta is 'Now' a paid program, and the prices are nothing short of a kick in the teeth to Sony fans.
    The information above was taken from Sony's official FAQ and shows the pricing for renting a game for 2 hours ($2.99) and a 90 day period, although prices will vary depending on the title being rented.

    Sony justified the fact that they are charing beta testers to use the service by saying "We are opening PS Now to all of our devoted fans to help us roll-out our game streaming platform. We will be testing everything in the service including: content, pricing, rental durations, look and feel and stability testing the back end technology." This actually translates to " You pay us to test out our services, and along the way you can feel good knowing that you all the bugs and glitches you found along the way helped us to improve our service".

    Nobody expected Sony's streaming service to be free, but charging its customers to participate in a beta program seems to be an underhanded tactic. This will also put a lot of people off testing the services and will impact the Playstation Now service on a whole.

    Will they do a famous Microsoft U-turn and remove charges for beta testers, or do you think Sony is totally justified?
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