Sony CEO 'Sorry' as PS4 Maker Restructures for Growth

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Sony CEO 'Sorry' as PS4 Maker Restructures for Growth

Bullet Jun 20, 2014

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    There is no denying that Sony's Playstation 4 has been a massive success, in fact the console has outsold so many times that Sony even admit that they are losing custom due to a shortage of consoles, and yet Sony as a corporation is struggling.

    Sony CEO has said he is 'Sorry' to all the investors for the poor performance and promises that this year will be a better, however he did also warn that it could take more than a year to get things back on track:

    As you can see there are some massive losses of over $85 million, obviously the PS4 alone will not be enough to pull Sony through, however they are counting on sales of the next gen console to certainly be a big help, but are focusing more on the ever declining TV and Smartphone sales.

    Do you think its time for a new CEO, or do Sony have what it takes to get back in the black?
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