Smoking: Xbox One Consoles Reported

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Smoking: Xbox One Consoles Reported

Bullet Nov 26, 2013

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    Two gamers have made reports that their Xbox One consoles "smoked" after plugging them in.
    The two users on the Xbox Support forum reported that the next gen console's power brick had an amber light and when plugged in the console began smoking from the top of the unit.

    Here's the actual reports from Xbox Support:

    " Got my Xbox One, played it last night and today. Was playing Ryse, went and done some quick cleaning, come back and the Xbox had a amber light. Plugged it into the wall like people recommended, ended up smoking through the top after I turned it on. Now I have to call and get a coffin. Seriously? its a new console? This is like PS4x2. " said innerWrAiTh

    Another similar report:

    " I had the same issue, played fine on launch night, played fine for the most of the 22nd into the 23rd until about after 16 hours of gaming, mine just shut off and power supply was amber. It wouldn't turn back on so I followed the instructions of resetting the power supply and then it turned on for one second, buzzed, then started smoking. Sent it back to Microsoft already. I'm really hoping this is just a fluke and not due to gaming, what's the point if you can't play for very long. " from TheeZeeMan

    It goes without saying that if anyone see's smoke coming from any part of their Xbox One, they should turn the power off and disconnect the console from the mains and then report it to Microsoft immediately for a replacement.

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