Sleeping Dogs. What did you think of it? May contain spoilers.

Discussion in 'Gaming News, Reviews & Previews' started by Last1Standing, Aug 15, 2012.

Sleeping Dogs. What did you think of it? May contain spoilers.

Last1Standing Aug 15, 2012

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    Hey XPG! Just finished playing sleeping dogs last night. Just curious to know what did you guys think of it?

    IMO it was a good game. The start was compelling, the only thing I would have like to see is Wei turn Sun On Yee compeltely and turn against the police. The gameplay was decent, I enjoyed the hand to hand combat and drving the cars.

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    1. PK89
      Story was crazy .. Bout wei? Wasn't surprised and Loved it .. fuckin cops were such douchebags to him

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    2. Last1Standing
      Yea they were. A funny thing I kept doing was driving on the wrong side of the street considering the opposite directions to us and china

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    3. VariantCam
      just started it look great and cant wait to bash this :D
    4. Last1Standing
      Beforw the game was released I didnt think it was free roam and similar to grand theft auto. I hope you enjoy it
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    5. PK89
      Similar to gta? I would say similar to mafia 2

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    6. andygee1987
      just hit 50% complete and loved every minute so far! hope it carry's on to impress me ;)
    7. Last1Standing
      I never played mafia 2 but concept is the same. Not in a detailed way.

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    8. Last1Standing
      you will.
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    9. PK89
      Oh trust me .. it will

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    10. ja
      game was originally true crime hong kong but activision dropped it and square picked it up. im only a few hours in but i think its a good game and i enjoy it.
    11. lilmikey
      can anyone tell me how it is compared to gta?
    12. Last1Standing
      like I said the concept is similar I some ways.

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    13. Shadow
      heres a game play of it full 1 but cuts in parts have fun.
    14. De
      Great game already completed 100% and 1000G legit loved every minute of it. In my eyes the free roam is like GTA IV but better the Driving is like Need 4 Speed but better and the Combat is like Street Fighter but better, you get my drift I was very suprised about this game and enjoyed is so much, I wont say too much about the ending for people who have noy completed it but I defo believe they should make "Sleeping Dogs 2 Wei's Revenge" or something like that lol. Also although the game has no multiplayer/Co-op you do get the feeling of it through the stat award's aslong as you have a couple of people on your friends list with the game I mean one mine i'd be top of my friends leaderboard for jump kicks then a friend would of beaten me so i'd go back and beat him and be able to challenge him. (Rockstar- GTAV Take note of this game)I then went all out to kick his backside spent ages continuesly doing jumping kicks for ages I did 351 and ended up rank 1 on world leader board lol, now rank two as someone has done 400, basterd lol.
      I love this game you will be glad to know there will be game extending mission, new cases favor jobs and races although most of the dlc is crap and stuff like pre orders and early access and boosts there will be 3 great ones hes the full leaked list I manage to get hold of square enix have not released this yet but I got sent it from a very reliable sorce so its a definate game keeper.

      Sleeping Dogs - Japanese Presell Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Prima Guide
      Sleeping Dogs - Retro Triad Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Top Dog Silver Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Top Dog Gold Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - The Red Envelope Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - The High Roller Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - The Swat Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Tactical Soldier
      Sleeping Dogs - Street Racer Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Movie Masters #1
      Sleeping Dogs - Police Protection Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Martial Arts Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - GSP Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Deep Undercover Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Triad Enforcer Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - The Dragon Master Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - The Drunken Master
      Sleeping Dogs - Nightmare in North Point
      Sleeping Dogs - Square Pack
      Sleeping Dogs - Zodiac Tournament
      Sleeping Dogs - Transportation Terror Pack
    15. 1abstract1
      This game was great I was stuck on it untill I beat it. It was like Shenmue meets GTA lol.
    16. taimur
      Fantastic game came out of no where and has been a huge hit with its refreshing gameplay. I was very impressed with the story line. Overall a A+ my only downside or negatives for the game were.
      1: Camera Control not that good.
      2: Good Cop or a Total Mobster should have been a option for wei in the story line.
    17. 1abstract1
      Yeah I hope they come out with dlc for some mob jobs like a "mob boss" dlc.
    18. bxelo
      The game was very good and I would recommended it. The combat was like Batman Arkham Asylum and Akrham City and the rest of the game felt like Yakuza.
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