ScaleBound: Fury Within

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ScaleBound: Fury Within

Nasyr Dec 4, 2014

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    ScaleBound is a fiery battle within itself. This game will keep your adrenaline pumping all the time through out. The trailer of this game is really hyping as I write this while watching it for the 20th time. I have always had an interest in games that may seem more out the realm then you can believe. If you like fighting creatures, monsters, and huge bug looking things... Then this game is for sure for for you! Sadly though, this game is only coming out for the Xbox One itself. I guess that works out for me lol.

    Also to continue this storyline you have personally dragons that you can ride, along with a flock that follows to help you out. I don't know if those other flock of dragons are just part of a pack or if the game is mulitplayer and those are your buddies that are helping you out. It is still to be announced if this game will include a full mulitplayer or a live Co-op. Nothing is official yet as they update the game for future release in the upcoming months of the games upcoming release. This whole year of 2015 is for sure to bring some really good games!

    What are your thoughts of this game? I find it to be really cool that you can ride dragons in to battle as they shoot there fire. Also the creatures you have to attack are pretty sick. None-the-less this game should be a super hit on the Xbox One when it comes out but, that's just my thinking. I'm really looking forward to this game, are you guys? Let me know your thoughts or further knowledge you may know about the game.
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