Resident Evil Remastered could Include Free Content

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Resident Evil Remastered could Include Free Content

t3fury Sep 1, 2014

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    The Remastered version of Resident Evil 1 has recently been confirmed by CapCom which is set for release early 2015 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one and also Steam.

    Judging from the trailer which can be seen here it features all the classic camera angles staying true to the original resident evil classic with redefined HD visuals and audio giving old and new players the opportunity the relive the original Classic on there next gen consoles.

    Capcom are also running a promo which promises users free additional content if there promotion reaches 100% which can be seen here
    at the moment it doesn't state what the content will be, could it be a new weapon? could in be extended gameplay? what do you guys think?

    Here's some screenshots

    HD Model


    HD Scenery

    Widescreen support


    New Sound and controls


    Do you guys have any thoughts? let us know below

    Enjoy t3 ;)
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