Raptr Launch Game Video Sharing Site Plays.tv

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Raptr Launch Game Video Sharing Site Plays.tv

Bullet Nov 23, 2014

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    Raptr are launching a new dedicated game video sharing website called Plays.tv which is currently in Beta. The site allows you to share video game videos. Not a new concept we grant you, however I am sure users of the social networking site Raptr will sure make the most of it.
    The website looks much like any other video sharing website, it features a homepage with all the latest videos, a popular videos sidebar and a #hashtag function.

    Raptr have released a special client software for you to easily capture gameplay on your PC which you can download for free here. The beta site has been live for a little less than a week and already it has quite a few videos submitted.

    The site looks and feels pretty good, and for a beta site seems to work pretty well. Personally I prefer to use Youtube, but its another option at least. Plays.tv has a lot of competition, but has the advantage of a large dedicated fan base, so watch this space to see how it does.
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