Rage Review

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Rage Review

RavenFaust Sep 1, 2012

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    so i recently purchased the game RAGE, i put the disc in and it pops up telling me to install content to hard drive, well you need 7.7 Gb, or 224 GB for all 3 discs. That right there is a downfall, because i dont think many people have such space. so i ignored that and started to play. Heres what i think so far. (mind you only played 5 mins lol)
    Graphics are really good, but i get the feeling this game is going to be like Boarderlands with twist. I hopefully am wrong, but i will update this thread as i progress in the game, reviewing what i like and dislike .
    So far its 6/10 , Sound is great, graphics are nice, now to see how the game plays without installation! Hopefully not much lag.

    End part 1.

    The Controls are pretty straight forward, and quite easy, you receive pop ups telling you how to use items etc, its quite handy , driving is left trigger and right trigger, which makes it alot easier then some other games that use buttons to drive.
    there is not lag or glitching of any kind so far, even tho i did not install, the loading screen takes about 1min but that's not bad ..

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