PSN Accounts Hacked Fifa 14 Trading Cards At Fault

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PSN Accounts Hacked Fifa 14 Trading Cards At Fault

Bullet Dec 5, 2013

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    Last week Sony reset PlayStation Network passwords due to irregular activity. The issues is yet to be resolved as PSN users are still complaining of unauthorised charges being made on their accounts without their consent. Twitter and Reddit are full of such complaints right now. One such Reddit User Immario39 says:

    " looks like someone got a hold of your password. This happened to me on my 360. And of course it was also because of Fifa. That game is behind a large quantity of these unauthorized charges. All because of the trading cards or whatever it is in the game that you can buy with real money. Change password to something really complex, don't use it anywhere else and maybe even change the email associated if you can."

    This kind of complaint isn't isolated to just a handful of people, this is a widespread issue and is a real cause for concern. This isn't just isolated to PSN either, XBL user's are also at risk.

    The chances are these hacks are not the result of brute forcing the passwords, but most likely from dumped databases.
    The way to protect yourself is to make sure you have a really strong password, and change it regularly.
    Use a service such as LastPass to create and store all of you're passwords for you.

    If you haven't already changed the password associated with you're PSN account then do so right away.
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