PS4 unboxing exclusive!

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PS4 unboxing exclusive!

XPG Darkside Jul 8, 2013

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    Playstation 4
    We get our hands on one of the PS4 in our offices and give you a close up tour of this new next gen console.

    This video shows the PS4 off, although a lot of focus seems to be more on the controller than the console itself. None the less you can still get a look at the PS4 and see some of the new features that the PS4 has.

    Check out the video and comment below.

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    1. Abrakadeadguy
      nice look. Xbox still has the better controller, but PS is looking like they are moving up in the world.
    2. xGoggles
      Looks pretty sweet!
    3. Yumiyashi
      I really don't understand the use of of the big blue dumb**s light.
    4. qu
      The control pad seems to have improved a lot since the PS3 control pad that I just couldn't get to grips with after using the xbox 360 "awesome" control pad.

      I'm not a fan of clicking some big touch pad to use a start button, and not sure about that touch pad on the control pad. I still think I can't get used to the analog stick being so low where as the Xbox one is where the DPAD buttons are. Makes sense having it where the DPAD buttons arein my opinion if it's the default movement method. I stopped being a fan of Playstation since PS2 as I think they just couldn't keep up with Xbox online service and the control pad. I do think that light bar thing is good, well it looked cool in the video for what it was used for anyway but sure you can do that with xbox and kinect. Console looks nice I guess. Looks like it won't blow up at least lol.

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