PS4 ELF Loader Plus Tools Released By bigboss

Bullet Jan 10, 2016

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    It was only a matter of time before native exploits were being looked into on the PS4. Running Linux would never be enough would it?
    Bigboss Tweeted just recently saying "Linux in ps4 is fun, but native code execution on Playstation devices was, is and will be more fun for me."
    Bigboss has released ps4link, which is a library for PS4 to communicate and use host file system with ps4client host tool.
    He Tweeted, " Did you check lately? You should because new ps4link/ps4sh use it :p"

    PS4Link is a group of tools (libps4link,libdebugnet,ps4sh) for PS4 and host. It is the same method that we used in ps2dev days, so basically it is the same protocol than ps2link and ps2client have been using since 2003.
    Functions availables are defined like native sce functions so it is easy for homebrew developer to use these new functions:
    FILEIO functions
      int ps4LinkOpen(const char *file, int flags, int mode);
      int ps4LinkClose(int fd);
      int ps4LinkRead(int fd, void *data, size_t size);
      int ps4LinkWrite(int fd, const void *data, size_t size);
      int ps4LinkLseek(int fd, int offset, int whence);
      int ps4LinkRemove(const char *file);
      int ps4LinkMkdir(const char *dirname, int mode);
      int ps4LinkRmdir(const char *dirname);
      int ps4LinkDopen(const char *dirname);
      int ps4LinkDread(int fd, struct dirent *dir);
      int ps4LinkDclose(int fd);
    Commands functions (Not documented yet) check ps4link_internal.h and commands.c to see how can you implements new commands.
    You can find the downloads with a full set of instructions on how to use them here.
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