PS4 Backwards Compatibility Is Not Going To Happen

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, Oct 28, 2015.

PS4 Backwards Compatibility Is Not Going To Happen

Bullet Oct 28, 2015

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    Since Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be getting backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, PS4 owners have been waiting to see if they would get backwards compatibility with PS3.
    It's a question that has been aimed at Sony for a while now, and its a question that has always been dodged like a bullet. Up until now Sony has replied like a well seasoned politician.
    Today the PS4 community got an answer, but not the one they were necessarily waiting for.
    Sony's President for Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, clearly stated that it would not be happening when he was asked on Twitter if the PS4 would be getting backwards compatibility that it would not, he simply answered "No."
    So there you have it guys, if you had been wondering if you would be able to play PS3 games on the PS4, the answer is 'NO', just No!
    Do you own a PS4, if so does this bother you, or would you rather that Sony focused on other features for the console?
    Let us know your thoughts below...
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    1. discovery55
      Can't really blame them for it. I think that playstation now is just a cash grab but unless you threw your last gen console down a flight of stairs backwards compatibility doesn't really matter.
    2. WwGSkuLLz
      We the xbox one players don't even have backwards compatibility yet. Unless you are a preview member. We don't even have the most voted cod (BO2) on here yet. Its ruined. No backwards compatibility fr us. Good luck PS4. RIP xbox.
    3. weedkilla
      damn burnout paradise is going to be on the xbone bit gutted but then again with the vr headset and gran turismo it aint really that bad :)
    4. st
      Ciao a tutti , io ci spero tanto nella retrocompatibilità...avendo dato indietro la PS3 per prendere la PS4...purtroppo ora non posso + giocare ai tanti games della play 3 !!
      prima o poi , la speranza è l ' ultima a morire !

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