PS2 Emulator On PS4 Will Not Be A Success

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PS2 Emulator On PS4 Will Not Be A Success

Bullet Jan 22, 2016

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    An Emulator that allows remastered PlayStation 2 games to be played on the PlayStation 4 is being developed by Sony and despite the nostalgia factor it is widely believed that the emulator will eventually fail.
    Playing older games on newer consoles is nothing new, Sony already have a vast collection of PS3 games available to PS4 owners via a paid streaming service which is proving to be quite popular. So you would immediately assume that PS2 games on the PS4 would be a hit as well, wouldn't you?
    Not according to 11 bit Studios marketing manager Karol Zajaczkowski. The studio behind popular game This War of Mine doesn't think that the PS2 emulator will appeal to a vast audience, in fact he said “It’s a thing that may only interest I don’t know, 5% of the PS4 owners? Probably even less." He said, “That’s why in my opinion it will fail in the end. Of course it will be available as a feature, but as soon as everyone realizes there is no money in it, the developers will stop doing it and new titles will stop appearing.”
    Sony had plans to add graphical enhancements and trophies to the PS2 games to give them some appeal, but is it worth paying for?
    Microsoft of course are offering a backwards compatible feature on the Xbox One which is proving hugely popular, and it's also free!
    Xbox One owners can play Xbox 360 games on the next gen console without the need of a physical disc.
    What do you think PS4 owners? Do you think a PS2 emulator will fail or fly? Let us know in the comments below...

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