Pre Orders Now Available for Xbox One Without Kinect

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, May 13, 2014.

Pre Orders Now Available for Xbox One Without Kinect

Bullet May 13, 2014

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    Microsoft recently announced that they will be releasing a new Xbox One model that will come without the Kinect accessory and therefore bring the price of the console down. Some retailers are now starting to follow up by opening reservations for the more affordable next gen console.

    So far the following retails have pre orders available :

    Best Buy: Pre order Microsofts xbox one here $399

    Amazon: Pre order Xbox One without Kinect here $399

    I will update this thread as I find more retailers accepting pre orders for the new Xbox One without Kinect.
    So far that looks to be the only thing that is different with this new bundle, there is no larger Harddrive options, or consoles without the Blueray drive as some sources were speculating.

    If you find any outlets please post them below.
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    1. sa
      gamestop is taking pre-orders. source i work at a gamestop in tennessee.
    2. ag
      Still $60 too expensive, why price it the same as a PS4 considering its weaker than the PS4.
    3. SphinxOG
      £350 here in the UK which is what the kinect version with a game is already, total rip off, the conversion of $400 to UK GBP is only £238, being scammed again
    4. Mr
      I'll when they drop to $250, its an inferior system, just like PS4, the hardware wont stand the test of time, and will certainly wont survive as long as PS3 or X360

      and with great games still on X360, i see no use for X1 or PS4, heck they dont even manage PC HD like 1080P @ 60fps which would be called nextgen.

      Shame, i looked forward to the new machines, but no, as of now nothing beats X360 and PS3 regarding the useability and overall perfomance, as Jtags, RGHs, Devkits and more.

      To have been able to store all the games on harddrives, i would never return to a discformat EVER, not even bluray!

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