PlayStation 4 jailbreak Rumored For 2015 Release By Lizard Squad

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PlayStation 4 jailbreak Rumored For 2015 Release By Lizard Squad

Bullet Jan 27, 2015

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    There are rumors circulating that he hacking group that took down both Playstation Network and Xbox Live services over the Christmas holidays are going to be releasing a Jailbreak for the Playstation 4 sometime in 2015.

    Apparently the rumors claim that members of the notorious Lizard Squad had found a way of Jailbreaking the Playstation 4 thanks largely to code from Reckz0r's Jailbreak method which was released back in November 2014 which has supposedly allowed the group to exploit a major security flaw in PS4's latest 2.03 firmware.

    For those of you that do not recall the Reckz0r Jailbreak which was released on Pastebin shortly after the release of Sony's PS4 , here it is (minus the files).
    The above post on Pastebin was also accompanied by this tutorial on how to jailbreak a PS4 which is also sketchy at best.

    The Jailbreak was dismissed shortly after it went viral as being a fake as the download links to the files were all dead and there was no verified sources to confirm it to be real. Which would make us question the legimacy of the rumors posted on Kdramastars website which states that Lizard Squad have successfully jailbroken the PlayStation 4 using the Reckz0r jailbreak as source.

    According to KDramastars, Lizard Squad posted on 4Chan that "the chip they used to find the security flaw in the PS4 would be available for everyone to try this 2015." and that the Lizard Squad member also said that they "have included their Jailbreak hack method in the chip that allegedly allows the user to play THE SITE THAT CANNOT BE MENTIONED FOR LEGAL REASONS games and to go online without the need for PS Plus."

    There has been no other news about this Jailbreak including information about the release date of the so-called PlayStation 4 jailbreak, or any confirmation of its existence.
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