Outlast Now On Xbox One for $19.99

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Outlast Now On Xbox One for $19.99

Bullet Jun 19, 2014

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    Outlast developed by Red Barrels is now out on the Xbox One for $19.99. This game was previously available on PC last year and Playstation 4 in February and has now turned up on Xbox Store unannounced.

    Outlast certainly wasn't expected to come to Xbox due to a parity clause that prevents developers releasing games on Xbox unless they release on Xbox One the same day they do on other platforms like the PlayStation 4 or PC.

    Assuming that Microsoft hasn't done yet another U-turn on its policies this would mean that they have dealt with 'Outlast' on a 'case by case' basis which can be seen as cherry picking the best games, or as unfair depending on your perspective.

    Whatever your thoughts on the Indie program clause the end result is a positive one for gamers ensuring we get the very best games such as Outlast made by publishers that wouldn't of otherwise met the [email protected] requirements.

    Outlast is an action and adventure game horror game:
    The game is available right now on Xbox One and if you like to scare yourself silly, its certainly worth checking out.
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