Nillxmodz GTA V Scam Update 15th/1st/2015

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Nillxmodz GTA V Scam Update 15th/1st/2015

Bullet Jan 15, 2015

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    Nillxmodz is renowned for leaking GTA V DLC information , some wrong and some right which has caused mixed feelings toward the tipster within the GTA community.

    What happened recently though has certainly caused ill feeling from the GTA community towards Nillxmodz. When GTA V first leaked it was possible to mod the game by using DNS codes which were eventually patched by Rockstar.

    Nillxmodz claimed to have found a way of running DNS mods again, stating that they had the "relevant encryption key to encrypt a plain text Tunables and then serve it", which means end users would simply alter the DNS configuration on their games console to join a modded server.

    NillxModz setup a donation drive on their website where they claimed that slots could be reserved for access to the DNS server, however by donating it would actually guarantee you access to the DNS codes. Free slots were filled by January the 1st

    The thread on the website which was since taken down stated that there would be all kinds of mods, but "to preserve the balance of the economy, we don't want to ruin GTA Online with another cash frenzy" stated nillxmodz in a Tweet, so... "No cash or RP is permitted whatsoever." they continued.

    Around December the 31st the Nillxmodz Twitter began to Tweet repeatedly telling people that it was "Your last chance to apply/donate for access to DNS codes." All Tweets have also since been removed from the official Twitter account for Nillxmodz.

    Nillxmodz Twitter account was closed, the website removed and everyone that paid for guaranteed access to the modified DNS server was left in the dark, until today that is when Nillxmodz reappeared on Twitter with a Tweet that said " We understand the frustration of the community and our disappearance. A full explanation will be provided later although this won't suffice."

    There is still much speculation about what actually did happen to Nillxmodz. The fact that they pulled down the website, and avoided Twitter has caused many people to think that this was all a scam, however Nillxmodz have hinted that this was all due to a legal matter.

    According to recent Tweets on the matter Nillxmodz are suggesting that Rockstar opened a court case against them over the DNS mods, but were working to refund as many people as possible before the court case began, "We attempted to refund as many people as possible before the court case." He explains.
    Some gamers appear happy with the explanation of a court case against them while others are still questioning the authenticity of this explanation, to which Nillxmodz is replying "You can't assume we scammed, until we provide our own event timeline." Which they say will be public later today "we will be explaining the entire situation later today." Nillxmodz Tweeted.

    So what is your take on the whole thing , do you believe that Nillxmodz scammed the GTA community, or do you believe that legal proceedings taken by Rockstar are the reason for the internet silence from the GTA tipster? Did you pay for access to the DNS server, and if so did you get a refund? Whatever your take on this, we would love to hear it below in the comments.

    Update: Read the official interview with Nillxmodz and see what they had to say here.
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    1. muffintastic
      If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. :)
    2. Bullet
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="XPGmuffintastic" data-time="1421341594">
      If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. :)

      Do you mean, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is?
    3. TheDonBro
      I don't believe anything he says. One major reason! He has absolutley no proof at all of being able to do these 'DNS Modifications'. He recorded proof of a recovery service he started, so why nothing on this new 'DNS' leak.

      Another thing is, you don't 'Donate' to be rewarded with something after. Thats called charging for a service. If you only get something by 'Paying' then that's not 'Donating'..

      You know. Just my opinion!

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