Next Xbox Detailed in Massive Tell-All, Coming Nov. 2013

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Next Xbox Detailed in Massive Tell-All, Coming Nov. 2013

XPGSaints Feb 8, 2013

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    [font=Arial, San-Serif]
    In a massive exposé leading up to its final issue, UK magazine Xbox World has revealed everything it knows about Microsoft's next Xbox console. This is exciting stuff, but remember: all the details in this post come from Xbox World, and should be considered rumors until they can be confirmed.
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    The next Xbox will not be called the Xbox 720 or Xbox 3; it will simply be called Xbox, in the style of Apple. Games that are known to be in development for the new Xbox (though not necessarily exclusively for the new Xbox) include Rare's Kinect Sports 3, Bungie's Destiny, Lionhead's long-rumored Fable MMO, 343 Industries' Halo 5, DICE's Battlefield 4, and Turn 10's Forza 5.
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    The new Xbox will reportedly sport "massive power," with a four-core CPU more powerful than any gaming PC. This will result in an increase in general performance—graphics, A.I., everything—in the next generation of games. DirectX 11 will increase game performance even further. And the new console will play Blu-ray discs, too—except for the "slim" version, which will be download-only.
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    Kinect 2.0 will come as a pack-in with the next Xbox. It can reportedly track up to four players and read minute movements right down to your fingers. Other technology—called Omnitouch—will allow Microsoft to explore some crazy augmented reality. This involves a new peripheral, and though details are scarce, it seems game characters and environments will be projected directly into your living room in full 3D. Yes, like Cortana.
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    Moving on: the new Xbox will reportedly take advantage of 3D sound that can come from anywhere at once, simulating real surround sound—not just 5.1 or 7.1 surround.
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    Other rumors touch on the controller—it could feature a touch screen, programmable buttons, or changes even more extreme—plus cloud and always-on gaming, a radically different interface, and a new Microsoft that's friendlier to developers. There are too many details to list here, so head over to CVG to get the full scoop.
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    Is it all too good to be true? We might know as soon as February or March, when Xbox World expects the next Xbox to be unveiled, ahead of a Nov. 2013 release. What do you want out of the next Xbox?


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    1. Shikarku
      My friends gaming pc supports six cores, so it's a pretty bold statement saying it's 'more powerful than any gaming pc.'
    2. th
      4 cores only for gaming so its more powerful than most gaming pcs
    3. XPG Paddy
      XPG Paddy
      "[font=Arial, San-Serif]The new Xbox will reportedly sport "massive power," with a four-core CPU more powerful than any gaming PC" [/font]
      [font="Arial, San-Serif"]I love this statement^ Lol. [/font]
      [font=Arial, San-Serif]I would love to see it being more powerful than a gaming pc when gpu's improve instantly and your gonna have a console for 5 years +[/font]

      [font=Arial, San-Serif]Im running 8 Cores ! lol Haha.[/font]
    4. DankKush
      Micro$oft's attempt at trying to make people forget about the original xbox by calling it the same name as the first xbox that came out and canceling the original servers for it? lolwut
    5. XPGSaints
      Yeah wut!
      Microsoft is Microsoft.
    6. rsparrowk
      Good stuff. can't wait. Just hope they make multiplayer games like BF4 32 vs 32 like the PC version.
    7. wh
      The only thing that bothers me, is if they do use an always on connection. As I travel my husband deploys, internet is not always an option. So if this ends up being locked down to the house where there is internet, well then I guess we are sticking with the old and going back to PC gaming. Now I know this is all rumor until confirmed, so I will not flame, just wanted to voice my concern.
    8. Madvillian
      i hope its more impressive than that description.
    9. Ed
      What i want, something more like just an updated 360, I dont want to have to be connected to the internet, i like the option of downloading DLC's and such, but really i just want to be able to buy it and a game and play without having to be logged in to any servers and accounts or whatnot. The live gold thing is a pain with all the things it shows that turn out to need gold, if i cant have it on just live i dont want it shoved in my face.
    10. Ed
      Sorr yabout seperate post, i want to be able to play all my older games on it from my 360 or its not really worth it to me
    11. Wo
      I will be talking to soemone I know about this more though i can say that you can still play your old xbox 360 games on the 720 cause they don't want to lose those that love playing the Xbox 360 games
    12. Da
      "[font=Arial, San-Serif]with a four-core CPU more powerful than any gaming PC."
      Yeah f*cking right. I have a 6 core i7-3970X ($1000 CPU) and it's the top of the line atm. Unless Microsoft now makes CPUs or Intel/AMD kept us in the dark about the new standard for high performance gaming, then that statement is full of massive amounts of sh*t.
    13. Da
      [font=Arial, San-Serif]Ur running 8 Cores of a AMD CPU ! lol Haha.[/font]
    14. hellraiserkev
      People are forgetting, PC's processor's are not dedicated to one thing, where as in a console, they can be used to the max on pure gaming.
    15. #N/A
      Personally I just hope it will be backwards compatible with 360 games.

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