New Xbox360 Motherboard Revision found in Europe - (Most Likely unglitchable)

ADDZ Oct 19, 2011

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    New Xbox360 Motherboard Revision found in Europe - (Most Likely unglitchable)

    A month and a half after leaving the Reset Glitch Hack Tiros gligli and a new hack compatible with all HDMI consoles and that, whatever the kernel, we still had not seen any reaction from Microsoft. We learn today with one of our technicians, stephane76700, the answer was already in your resellers ... a new revision of motherboard.
    This motherboard has been found in a pack Forza 4250 Go, these new consoles with a matte black shell. The MFR date visible in the back is 2011-08-17 and the reader a Liteon 1071.
    The biggest surprise is the absence of HANA chip (visible anyway) is the chip that allowed the management of the timing Reset Glitch Hack ...
    It seems that the game of cat and mouse continues so ...

    Actually it looks like it has an older DVD drive, so can still do CFW and xk3y
    but its only a matter of time where there is a period where nothing can be done

    If you want a 360, and to hack it, now is a good time to buy it.

    More info will surface over the next few days





    Source: Logic-Sunrise

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