NES Mini hacked, extra games added via USB

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NES Mini hacked, extra games added via USB

XPG Darkside Jan 10, 2017

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    Hackers have managed to add extra NES games to Nintendo's NES Classic Edition microconsole.

    The legally dubious method involves uploading your console's memory to a PC, adding in the extra ROM files, then reuploading the whole lot to your NES Mini.

    Apart from the legal implications, it also risks bricking your console if you don't do it right. It's not a quick process, although Ars Technica has more information if you wish to peer down the rabbit hole.

    The NES Mini launched November with 30 NES games pre-baked onto the console. Nintendo was quick to make clear it would not expand the device's software library - and the hardware has no way of connecting to the internet to purchase or download more.

    All of which means that this method is the only way you'll get more NES games installed on the system.

    Here it is in action.

    Hackers have also discovered the NES Mini's operating system has a hard limit of 60 games - double the amount the hardware launched with.

    But enterprising coders have already cobbled together a system to swap games in and out to get around this, NeoGAF users report.

    NES Mini owners who have tampered with their systems have been able to play numerous NES titles not included with the hardware out of the box.​
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