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NYPxChucky Sep 18, 2012

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    Okay I'm Not Sure Were To Post This So I Posted it Here..

    First Off I'm Going Say That Were Only Looking For 1 Person.. But What We Ask For This Person No One Will Do For Us.. Now Were No FaZe Clan Or Other Clans That Do 360 Jump Off Building And No-Scope People, No We Just Play To Win.. So Far We Have 8 Members But Only 3 Of Us Play MW3 For Now, The Other Members Don't Like MW3 So That Play MW2 And Black Ops..

    So Back To My Request.. We Are Looking For Someone That Could Be Our Sponsor.. All You Need Is A YouTube Channel And A Game Recording Device.. One Of Our Members Has One But He Works A Lot..

    Name Change Is NOT Required.. You Would Only Do It if You Wanted To.. Were Just A Group Of Players Trying To Set A Name Our In The World..

    If You Think Your That Person, Then Send Me A PM And We Can Talk.. 1.5 K/D Or Higher Is Our Normal Standard But Since Your Doing So Much, We Can Agree On Something.. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT, You MUST Have A Mic.

    If You Want To Run A Game With Us To See If You Like It Then We Can Do That As Well.

    Thanks For Your Time.

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