Minecraft Xbox 360 update: Brand New Easter Eggs Planned

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Minecraft Xbox 360 update: Brand New Easter Eggs Planned

grantyboy568 Aug 31, 2012

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    Minecraft is so enormous, so fertile with secrets, that you could spend pretty much your entire life in the Tutorial World alone. Not visited yet? You really should. There are shiny secrets and (figuratively) tasty Easter Eggs to uncover, but they won't be around forever. 4J plans to replace the lot via the next, most ambitious Minecraft Xbox 360 update.

    "Yes, we're going to remove all the current tutorial level secrets and add new ones for the 1.8.2 release," the developer Tweeted this week. There's still no word of a release date, alas, so you'll just have to content yourself with re-reading our articles on Creative Mode and enchanting, not to mention Superflat worlds and RPG-style experience systems - pondering the fabulous things you'll be able to create when update 1.8.2 finally arrives.

    Or alternatively, you could warp yourself back to Tutorial World and see if you can't find all the aforesaid secrets, you eager young archaeologist, you. Here are a few of the bigger ones.

    - A ladder to the ocean

    - An undersea tunnel containing a pile of Glowstone, a full set of diamond armor and a full set of diamond tools. Hint: you'll find it easier to spot from on high.

    - A cobblestone bridge generator

    - A hidden portal to the Nether, activated by two hidden levers. Where to start? Well, let's put it this way: only masters of the English language need apply. That's to say, you'll have better luck if you're a lettered sort. Letters. Look for letters. Or alternatively, watch the video below.

    - A lighthouse with a beacon composed of Netherrack. It's near the village. The secret one.

    - When it comes to diamond ore, X marks the spot.

    - A sinister cobblestone stairway which is kind of like that one in Silent Hill 2, only without the blood and rust.

    Source - OXM.
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