Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition: 4J shares SuperFlat, Anvil and Creative mode info

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition: 4J shares SuperFlat, Anvil and Creative mode info

grantyboy568 Aug 18, 2012

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    4J Studios is still working on the what it is bringing to the 1.8.2 update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and revealed more details Wednesday and Thursday for the new features and Creative Mode coming with the update plus probable updates in the future.

    Both the official 4J Studios official Twitter account and developer Stuart Ross were busy answering fan questions and giving out information freely.

    Possibly the most interesting revelation was that the SuperFlat Option is being brought forward to the 1.8.2 update. As its name implies, this makes the world completely devoid of any hills and gives users a clean palette to work with in Creative Mode.

    As for how the new Creative Mode works with the existing Survival mode, Ross says they will be two separate options on the main Xbox 360 menu. Players won't be able to switch between Creative and Survival modes while you're playing though. Instead, you'll have to exit back out to the main menu and load the world up in whichever mode you prefer. .

    New hints at future updates past the "many weeks away" 1.8.2 include the the "Anvil" map format currently available in the PC that allows for modding, more block types and an increase in the maximum build height among other things. Giving the host the ability to allow or prevent guests from building and destroying blocks is also on the table for future updates along with texture packs and jungles.

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