Minecraft officially released on Xbox One and PS4

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Minecraft officially released on Xbox One and PS4

Timmeh Sep 5, 2014

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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great pleasure to announce the arrival of Minecraft for Xbox One and PS4. Minecrafters have been expecting this release ever since the E3 announcement, after the long wait it's finally here with many players already all over it. While it's a somewhat small upgrade from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, the arrival of Minecraft onto next-gen consoles means that we'll be seeing a lot of new features, additions, and content to the Minecraft versions of the Xbox One/PS4.

    Players can finally experience all that 4J Studios have promised which include world sizes that are 32 times bigger than those of the 360/PS3, faster chunk load/rendering times, higher FPS and an overall better experience that is expected to improve with the next-gen hardware. Players that have not purchased the game already are allowed to upgrade for a mere $5 if you already own the game on either 360 or PS3. For more information on how to upgrade and transfer your worlds, check out the video below:


    Unfortunately, at the present moment there isn't a higher player count which is what Minecrafters all over the world were expecting. 4J Studios has stated that a higher player count may come later on in a future update. This news is a little disappointing considering the improvement in hardware of the next-gen systems which should be able to handle a couple of extra players during the launch. This could also mean that 4J Studios may have great things planned in the future for us such as the possible inclusion of mods into DLC packs.

    Minecraft's sales are set to skyrocket now that it is available for nearly every gaming platform surpassing the 54 million mark that the game held last June. This information comes at a time where gamers thought that they would have to wait longer due to Minecraft's failure to pass PS4 certification back in August. Xbox One users had thought the same situation would happen on the Xbox however, this wasn't the case for either console. The availability on next-gen is more likely going to send those sales numbers even higher, potentially making Minecraft the best selling game in the world.

    While Minecraft is only available digitally at the present moment, a physical version for the PS4 will be released sometime in the near future although a physical copy of the Xbox version has not been announced. But for now, grab your pickaxe and your diamond sword, it's time to mine!

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    1. Aprax
      Meh, not that into console Mincecraft, otherwise I'd get it for my PS4.
      Until servers come out on PS4, I won't be getting this.
      Great article ;)
    2. ma1achl
      How do we get the game save/ map form the hard drive on the 360 to the Xbox 1? do we use the could save to transfer the save or by Profile lock like cod for mp stats
    3. ma1achl
      Never mined that post the video up above told me some stuff I was looking 4 but can u change the map size and will it have the up dated content that Minecraft Xbox 1 has or will it stay the same as the 360 one

      and YOU do need 3 maps to get to the other parts of the new large map Minecraft on Xbox 1 and PS4 thanks 4 the help.

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