Microsoft: Wont compensate early Xbox One adopters following Kinect-less console

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Microsoft: Wont compensate early Xbox One adopters following Kinect-less console

Bullet May 15, 2014

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    Microsoft has confirmed that they have no plans to reward Xbox One early adopters following the console's price drop and recently revealed Kinect-less option.

    We hear everyday from the new head of everything Xbox Mr Phil Spencer how everything they do now is for the fans and since his takeover we have seen some massive changes to the next gen console in a bid to please the fans.

    The latest ploy to keep up in the next gen race is to drop the Kinect which we were all told was fundamental to the Xbox One's operation. The Kinect which not only added $100 to the overall price of the console, but also took up a valuable 10% of the machines processing power, which will be returned for the Kinect-less Xbox consoles with a newly adapted user interface to work with controllers.

    This is great news for all those buying the Kinect-less version of the Xbox One, they get a cheaper , faster machine, but what of all the loyal fans, the hardcore fan base that stuck by Microsoft whilst everybody else opted for the cheaper PS4?

    Microsoft were asked if there would be any reward for the loyal Xbox fans that early adopted the massively flawed and overpriced machine to which they responded:

    "No. As with many first generation products, the offerings can be expected to change and evolve over time. Kinect remains an integral part of our vision. Xbox One is better with Kinect, making games, TV and entertainment come alive with premium experiences."

    So their opinion is that even though the Xbox One performs better without the Kinect, its still actually a better experience with the overpriced camera attachment!

    Maybe if Microsft took the same approach as Sony and sold all peripherals as option extras then they would of been in a better position from the start.

    Yet again, thanks for nothing Microsoft.
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    1. scousetomo
      price drops ect i payed 429 at launch now you can pick a titanfall bundle for 349 i think they could at least offer us a free game of some sort its not going to happen but i play daily on mine ive had loads of hrs enjoyment so i cant feel to bad
    2. Dylandy05
      problem was for me it was a good console despite all its issues with what it would run games at was Microsoft didnt do any thing to keep me on it just dint seem to make the effort
    3. backudog
      I bought my Day One console at launch, and to be honest i have been using my 360 more since buying the XBox 1, and have hardly used the XBox 1, WatchDogs is the first Xbox 1 game that i feel i REALLY want to play on the console, and even then i'll probably at least rent it for the 360 as well.
    4. nightmarexxx
      Good news i still didnt bought xbox one decide to buy it this july or august :D
    5. villan4eva
      The biggest issue here is that the gaming section of the year is August to November, until then, there will hardly be any games for it as companies are producing their games for 4/5 systems at a time, M$ isn't to blame here, it's devs who want all the money they can get by whoring out a game at the expensive of enjoyment factor and quality (CoD:Ghosts anyone?)
    6. xgardian
      The only game I have ever used kinect with was Halo:CEA and that's becuase all I had to do was say words. Other than that I don't have enough space and my eyesight is terrible.

      Edit: I will be happy to wait for them to come with a TB to get a new one.

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