Microsoft Unban Moonlightswarmi Xbox One

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, Nov 9, 2013.

Microsoft Unban Moonlightswarmi Xbox One

Bullet Nov 9, 2013

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    Microsoft have decided to lift the ban on Moonlightswarmi Xbox One console ban. After talking with Major Nelson earlier today swarmi revealed that not only had Microsoft reversed the ban on his Xbox One , but they had also invited him to the Xbox One Launch event. For those of you that are unclear on what occurred you can read the full story here.
    Understandably Swarmi was a little tight lipped over the exact terms or what was said during his phone call with Larry Hryb, but we are just glad he got his ban revoked.
    Its still unclear if the strikes against swarmi's Youtube account have been lifted also , but we will keep you posted should we hear anymore.

    Finally the situation has been diffused and Microsoft have done the right thing. Thankyou to Moonlightswami for keeping us posted every step of the way, enjoy your day at the launch and we will continue to follow you.
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    1. Ch
      i was gonna be pissed if Microsoft didnt unban him
    2. Bullet
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="Charles456k" data-time="1384036713">
      i was gonna be ****** if Microsoft didnt unban him

      Well in all honesty i dont think they had much choice since it was actually Targets fault really!
    3. Tr
      It was targets fault. The poor innocent person. I'm happy for him now that he got unbanned
    4. sa
      Like Bullet said, he wasn't the one to blame, it was Targets fault for delivering it early and breaking the release date.

      Any customer would test out their new console, if they received it early. What did they expect?

      I'm happy for him, glad they did unban him, as It would have made me think twice about buying any Microsoft products within the future.

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