Microsoft skips Windows 9 Goes Right To 10

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Microsoft skips Windows 9 Goes Right To 10

Bullet Sep 30, 2014

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    Microsoft have revealed the new Windows today and in a shock move Microsoft have skipped Windows 9, and named the next system Windows 10 to emphasize the advances in the software.

    A preview of the new Windows will be released tomorrow on October the 1st called the called Windows Insider Program, which you can register for here. The updated Windows will not be released until the middle of 2015.

    The new windows 10 will see the return of the much loved 'Start Menu' which will be fully customizable with metro style live tiles so you can save your favorite websites (cough Xpgamesaves) people and Apps.


    Another familiar feature that is set to make a return is the search function which will be on both the start menu and also the taskbar and will allow you get search results from both your PC and the web.

    Apps have had a revamp in the new Windows as well as features such as snap which has been made even easier to use. All these tweaks are still subject to change as Microsoft gathers feedback from users of the Windows Insider Program similar to the scheme some Xbox One users are currently taking part in.

    The Xbox One preview scheme has proven fundamental to the growth of the console and has seen the implementation of some great features based on customer feedback, so its great that Microsoft are running a similar system for the new Windows.

    The new operating system will run seamlessly across all Microsoft products creating 'One Product Family' on 'One Platform' sharing 'One Store' so apps will be universal across all Microsoft products running the new software, be it a Smart phone, Tablet , PC or Xbox One.

    So far so good, its nice to see the return of the Start menu and some other familiar features making a return. I believe the feedback system will prove key to this new softwares success. What are your thoughts so far? Let us know in the comments below.

    Introducing Windows erm 10! The best Windows yet...
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