Microsoft Doesn't Feel Bad About Xbox One Reversals

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Microsoft Doesn't Feel Bad About Xbox One Reversals

Bullet Sep 12, 2013

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    Chris Lewis Xbox Europe vice-president has made a statement about the recent reversals made by Microsoft in an interview with MVC.

    Lewis claims: " the company is now "genuinely in an enviable position", and they remain "true to our vision that we want to be wherever our consumers want us to be".

    Talking to MCV, Xbox Europe VP Chris Lewis talked about the logic behind initial Xbox One policy and the thinking behind the switch-ups::
    Lewis also said that, despite the fact that they’re rolling out new hardware, folks shouldn’t worry about a supply of Xbox 360 games drying up anytime soon. Check out the whole interview on MCV for how Lewis sees the upcoming showdown with PS4 and more.

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    1. taha360
      GTA V is leaked i'm gonna play it offline
    2. Wo
      Duh Microsoft listen to it's community more then SONY does with a console. I thought Apple would've come out with a newer iPod sporting up to 500gb storage just think of putting all that music you have on it without swapping out albums you want to keep on it. I know went off track there so shot me for me but getting back what has been said, I don't think Microsoft would pull off another 180 just bring back what they said was going to happen just to keep the PS4 fanboys happy.

      I wonder what the Ps4 Fanboys will do when they call up SONY Support center and tell them they there PS4 isn't turning on, the design flaw of the heat exhaust fans with the power supply cable so much money wasted and yet they couldn't design the console any better

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