Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Worlds first 720 Footage.

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Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Worlds first 720 Footage.

XPG Darkside Apr 29, 2013

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    Fresh on the news that we are likely to receive greater detail about Microsoft’s IllumiRoom tomorrow, a five minute demo showcasing the tech’s capabilities has gone live.

    The demo, which is an extended version of the previously released video, highlights numerous effects including snow, lighting, grids, and other ways in which IllumiRoom changes the user’s playing space.

    Reports continue to suggest that Microsoft is likely to implement the concept into its next Xbox design, although no official confirmation has been granted just yet.

    Check out the video right here:
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    1. Bullet
      A real life holodeck...
      beam me up scotty !<br><br>

    2. ma1achl
      The 720 looks more porosing then rhe wii u and ps3

      Wii U needs to reach out to some hard core games and get thrid partys making games

      Ps4 might be good dont know how playing your friends game from your own Ps4 will be like and if the hackers r done chacking there service and I know this might happen to the Wii U or the 720 mabe later but I don't want it to happen and this time around for JTAGS lets try to make it a computer iso load up with out the console all u would need is to click on the Xbox720 looking Icon on your COMPUTER to load the smytems data and you can us your computers possecesers and ram and graphic card and ram/ddr and hard drive and u sitll could us the xbox720 contorller with the wierles adpter or sothing like it and use the Kenict 2.0 on the computer to. That would be a COOLJTAGEDXBOX720. But u have yo yhank about all the sucertiy checks that r goim to be in place.What if thay check yor hard drive frome there end of the lune and see its bigger than normol and sytem proformec it would be off the charts; They would be looking at a supper charged XBOX720 on DRUGS. Just an idea for the XBOX720'S JATAG version of the XBOX360'S version JATG.
    3. isaacgar12345
      Looks sick AF to me!
    4. rsparrowk
    5. To

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