Metal Gear Solid Currency Exploit Gets Phantom Pain Beta Pulled

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Metal Gear Solid Currency Exploit Gets Phantom Pain Beta Pulled

Bullet Jan 14, 2016

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    The Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain beta recently went live on Steam, only to be pulled down just hours later due to a game destroying exploit.
    Konami were forced to pull the game beta from Steam due to cunning gamers discovering a method to bypass micro transactions by acquiring 'MB coins', these are the in-game currency that's players would normally have to purchase with real money.

    Konami has not disclosed any details about the exploit in a recent announcement about the beta suspension. No details were revealed about when we would see the game beta restored. They did have this to say "Due to a possible exploit, we've removed access to the Beta temporarily while a hotfix is being prepared" states the announcement. "Once the issue is addressed we'll provide access to the Beta once again."

    Although Konami hasn't divulged any information about the glitch, it is quite a series loophole which potentially could of destroyed the game, a glitch that the company was keen to patch up right away.
    The same glitch is not present in console versions which have been out now for some time.
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