Max Payne 3 review for Xpgamesaves

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Max Payne 3 review for Xpgamesaves

Bullet May 10, 2012

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    Max Payne 3’s is a delicous menu of face paced action served with a side serving of sexy graphics and and topping of gore!

    Max Payne 3: Gameplay

    The game feels very smooth indeed. Controls are easy allowing player to enter into bullet-time, or a slow-motion dodge-shoot move as long as they have another player in sight. In bullet-time, players can move their crosshairs quickly from target to target, allowing you to spray rounds into your enemies with ease. You can alter levels of sticky aim from the main menu, but be warned as enabling auto aim will disable achievements.
    When you are about to kill the last enemy you enter a slow mo cam mode, whilst in this mode you can actually slow down time even further by holding the A button ( Xbox 360) and continue to pump the bad guy full of lead.... very gory indeed!

    Max payne has some great action moves and the game looks and feels superb.

    Max Payne 3: Bullet time

    Bullet time plays such a key part of the Max Payne 3 story mode and its an excellant feature, however the good news is that this also features in the multiplayer aspect of the game too! A player can activate the mechanic whenever they choose – provided their meter is full – but other players will only enter bullet time with them if they're caught in the player's line of sight. When this happens, the action slows down for all participants.
    This means that if a player has the drop on a couple of opponents, the mechanic gives them a clear advantage as they'll be able to quickly pump lead into multiple targets.

    Max Payne 3: Mutiplayer

    Max payne 3 has some well recognised game modes such as team deathmatch and capture the flag but one game mode amongst them all stands out from the usual modes, and that is Gang Wars.
    Gang Wars takes place over five rounds. But the dynamic changes with each round, as one of ten game modes is employed randomly.

    To top this all off, the outcome of each round affects the standing in the next round. For example, if your gang holds its turf at the end of a round, then your gang has the advantage of play in the next round. Lose that turf and your gang is at a disadvantage.

    Players can band together in in-game Crews so there’s also a social aspect to Max Payne 3 whilst you’re pumping your opponents full of lead.

    If you get killed twice in a row by the same mother fu@*er you can start a vendetta, what this does is allow you to see the guy that owned you twice in a row on the hud, and go get some XP.... but you only get the XP if you call your nemisis, if they own you yet again they get the XP!

    In Max Payne 3 you get something called Bursts, which are basically perks. Some of the perks ( bursts) you will recognise form other games, things like fast reload , fast run etc. However one burst you will certianly love is called Paranoia, which makes players on the rival team see each other as enemies!

    Max Payne 3: Overall

    Overall Max payne is an excellant game. If you like games that have a blockbuster movie feel, with a gripping story, action and plenty of gore, then Max Payne is certainly for you. Get Max payne 3 , Get online, I ll be waiting.....

    Xpgamesaves rates Max Payne 3 a stunning 9/10


    Max Payne 3 availability: May 2012

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