Mass Effect 4: Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognizable

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Mass Effect 4: Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognizable

Bullet Dec 19, 2013

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    Aaron Flynn, BioWare Edmonton General Manager has stated that Mass Effect 4 is " Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognizable. And fun!"

    BioWare developers have been teasing us for some time with snippets and images of the the much anticipated Mass Effect 4.

    [imgwrap='left'][/imgwrap]Shephard won't be appearing any time soon so that means new characters, but we have no idea what they'll look like or, more interestingly when or where the game will be set.
    Thankfully if there's one thing Devs like it's twitter and no doubt at the approval of Bioware they've been tweeting their progress with some handy teaser images showing the game in progress:


    As well as new good guys, there is also new bad guys too:


    And of course, new worlds to explore:


    We know that Mass Effect 4 will be running on Frostbite 3 as was confirmed by Aaryn Flynn then confirmed via his twitter account Late in March.

    Come on Dev's show us some more!!
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