Preview Mass Effect 3 Offers More Freedom of Movement on the Battlefield

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Preview Mass Effect 3 Offers More Freedom of Movement on the Battlefield

xpghax Dec 9, 2011

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    video game developer BioWare has offered a new Pulse video about Mass Effect 3, the upcoming mix between action and role playing, showing how players will be able to enjoy more freedom of movement for the main character on the battlefield.

    The video shows Commander Shepard rolling in order to get into cover or out of it and there are also sequences where he can follow cover even around sharp corners, something that was not possible in previous games in the series.

    The developers are also saying that the character will have a number of tweaked animations, which will allow him to subtly indicate how they can explore this new freedom of movement.

    Commander Shepard will actively look at cover spots in the distance in order to indicate that the player has the option to sprint there and he will dusk when enemies have enough firepower to stop him from making that run.

    The BioWare Pulse video also shows the developers talking about how they go about actually creating the animations for Mass Effect 3.

    The game will tell the story of how Commander Shepard and a new band of intergalactic characters will try and stop an invasion of Earth by the Reapers by calling in favors from the galactic species that we met during the previous two games in the series.

    Mass Effect 3 will introduce a cooperative multiplayer mode for the first time in the franchise, allowing gamers to create new characters and work together in order to affect the way the Galaxy responds to the Reaper threat.

    At the moment the launch date for Mass Effect 3 is planned for early March and gamers will be able to get the game on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC.

    Here is the full Mass Effect 3 themed video:
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