Madden 16 PS4/XB1 Update Makes players more realistic

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Madden 16 PS4/XB1 Update Makes players more realistic

The American Sep 13, 2015

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    The update which was released September 10, completely added a new feel to the game and also improved the graphics. Changing the looks of more than 180 players in the pro football game, The update also fixed some bugs and made some major improvements to the game, It also made various tweaks and also fixes to the general gameplay plus much more.
    The patch, was released for both Xbox one and PS4 (there was no mention of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), The Update makes some tweaks to the player faces making them come more to life. In the case of San Diego Chargers free safety Eric Weddle, the changes are dramatic, as he now has the epic beard that he has in real life.
    [background=rgb(242,242,243)]The update is available for download now, The links are listed below[/background]
    [background=rgb(242,242,243)]Playstation 4: Click here[/background]
    [background=rgb(242,242,243)]Xbox One: Click here[/background]
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