LOTR: War in the North - Heroic Playthrough[Xbox 360 gamesave]

Leganpe Jan 25, 2013

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    File Name: LOTR: War in the North - Heroic Playthrough
    File Submitter: Leganpe
    File Submitted: 24 Jan 2013
    File Category: Xbox360 Game Saves

    Hi XPG Gaming Community,

    After searching and not finding a save on the Heroic playthrough I decided to make my own. This was started from scratch, not modded and is next to the last boss fight. It was tested on a dummy account and it will unlock other achievements. Instructions as well as descriptions on what it unlocks are included.

    It may unlock more if you continue using the save on your next playthrough. My advice would be to do a Normal playthrough earning as much achievements as possible. Then use this one for the Heroic and search the site for the one on Legendary.

    Hope this helps as this is my first contribution... :gamer4:

    Click here to download this file
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