Legend Of Zelda Coming To Xbox One?

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Legend Of Zelda Coming To Xbox One?

Bullet Jun 7, 2014

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    Everybody has their favourite Zelda game, which one is yours? asks Gersh on a recent Twitter video. If like me you giggled like an excited schoolgirl at the prospect of Zelda coming to the Xbox One, give yourself a slap, I mean come on really? One of Nintendo's greatest ever series being ported to Microsoft on Xbox One?
    Well I wasn't alone when watching the video on the Microsoft's official Twitter, rumors had quickly erupted that MS were buying Nintendo which of course turned out to be not true!

    The video is in fact part of some hashtag video interview of Microsoft employees asking them to talk about their favorite games.
    Its still worth checking out the replies to the tweet though, some of them are really funny! Turns out there are a lot of die hard Nintendo fans after all....

    Zelda will of course be at E3 at Nintendo's booth with a trailer and a playable demo, you can see the full lineup for Nintendo's presentation here. So what is your favorite Zelda game of all time? Mine has to be

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