Kim Dotcoms MegaChat Begins Rolling Out

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Kim Dotcoms MegaChat Begins Rolling Out

Bullet Jan 22, 2015

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    Kim Dotcom the brilliant entrepreneur behind Megaupload has began rolling out a beta version of his latest venture today called MegaChat which has already been dubbed the 'Skype Killer' by the media.
    “We are releasing #MegaChat beta step by step. Starting with video calling today. Text chat & video conferencing will follow soon,” said Dotcom.

    MegaChat offers end to end encryption unlike Skype service which is forced to give backdoor access to the US Government, MegaChat will not be allowing user communication to be monitored.

    Dotcoms service works by simply signing up on the Mega website with a secure password which then becomes your master encryption key. If you forget the password you will access to your account.

    MegaChat operates via a web browser which will offer faster loading and added resilience against attacks. Kim Dotcom is also offering a bounty to anyone that can find security flaws in the new service.

    MegaChat offers encrypted video and audio chat right now in the Beta stage with email and text chat to roll out at a later stage.
    Anyone that values their privacy should defiantly head over to Mega right now and sign up.

    Within just a few hours of rolling out the MegaChat beta the service had been used for over 500,000 calls by its 15 million registered members. Dotcome believes that MegaChat will elevate the amount of registered members to over 100 million by the end of 2015.

    Having trailed the new MegaChat service we can confirm that its not without its bugs, which is to be expected for a Beta on its first day. Mian issues were connection issues, but after a few attempts video chat was established and the quality is superb. The file file-sharing feature went very smooth.
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