Just Cause 3: Easter Egg

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Just Cause 3: Easter Egg

Nasyr Dec 15, 2015

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    A recently found easter egg found by a gamer running around the game may just restart the fight again. There was a debate a long time ago about the color of a dress which changed depending on peoples eyes and they way they looked at the background versus the dress changing it's color. Some believe it to be gold and white while others say it is blue and black. The dress is infact blue and black as proven by the girl who posted it but, people are so confused as to why they can't see a certain side to the color. It is mainly said that females see the gold and white and more males can see the black and blue. It just depends on how well developed you eye muscles are, yes eye muscles is what I said. Everyone brings things together differently in their own eyes so, we more than likely can't exactly prove how or what people can exactly see or form together.​
    When playing Just Cause 3 you will be able to find the gold and white dress as well as the black and blue dress. On one side of the balcony you will find the two different dresses on different sides. People ask if this will reignite the debate but, more than likely it will not. There is not enough people out there playing the game that know or care enough to bring to the life an easter egg in a game to peoples attention. Check out this video that explains and gives a tutorial on how and where you can find a bunch of other easter eggs that are hidden in the game.​
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