Is It Really Over Between Xbox One and Kinect?

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Bullet, Jun 27, 2014.

Is It Really Over Between Xbox One and Kinect?

Bullet Jun 27, 2014

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    Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, unless of course you are referring to the failed marriage of the Xbox One and the Kinect.
    The Xbox One was designed around the $100 motion controller, at one point it was almost essential that the Kinect be plugged into the console in order for it to function, but like many of the original concepts and policies it slipped by the wayside after meeting the disapproval of angry gamers.
    The Kinect however remained every bit a core feature of the Xbox One despite it raising the price of the bundle over $100 more expensive than Sony's PS4 and hogging 10% of the systems resources.
    Initially the Xbox One was marketed as a Multi Media system that the whole family could use. The Xbox One was aimed at casual gamers, a machine to replace the Wii, aimed at gamers that like to jump around with arms and legs flapping frantically to control an avatar version of themselves. It was us, the hardcore gamers that made the Xbox 360 the success that it was, and it was us that were ignored in favor of Microsoft's dream to create an all in one media system that would pander to the needs of families all over the world.
    Since the launch of the Xbox One there have been two major factors that can save the console, Phil Spencer took over the role of 'Head of all things Xbox' and the Kinect was told to pack its bags and leave.
    Phil Spencer knows exactly what gamers want, and since taking over his new role has certainly turned things around Microsoft's Xbox franchise. Spencer recognized from the start that if the console is to succeed then some major changes needed to be made.
    Although maintaining that the Kinect will always remain an integral part of the Xbox One Phil has shifted focus away from the motion controller and towards the one thing that every gamer wanted the Xbox One to be about in the first place..... Games!
    Throwing the Kinect out into the darkness wont be enough to save the Xbox alone, Microsoft will have to fight hard to come back which is of course great news for us. As the competition to win gamers over hots up it can only get better for gamers.
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    1. HXP
      Transfering Savegames to a USB Stick would be another important Step to a lot of Gamers.
    2. Br
      !!!Better graphics!!! will make Xbox One boost sales and !!!Details!!!
      and stop talking about Kinnect it SUCKS ! and no more wierd rumors i swear !!! rumors made xbox one the worst console ever !!!!

      even so i will buy Xbox One just cause those ps4 jerks cant stop blabering ps4 is the Fecal Leaking
    3. IIEvolution85II
      Microsoft will rise once they start rolling new features out as they slowly are :p
    4. Deeked
      Why can't Microsoft listen to what gamers want? Hell, they could have joined XPGameSaves and got the darn thing right the first time. All they would have to do is ask us and they would have nailed it.

      And BTW, it's too late to recover. They got blown away this gen and the economy sucks too bad for most households to justify purchasing an XBOX ONE when they already have the much better PS4.

      Just my 2 cents
    5. scousetomo
      i own both systems ps4 and xbox one and no im not rich or well off lol the xbox i will always use the kinect seens im used to it would i have prefered to buy it from the start kinect less maybe but now ive had it 7 mths i couldnt do without it the ps4 hasnt got a patch on the online microsoft has if i was bothered about a few pixels ect id play on pc but i dont think its to late to win people over especialy when it gets hacked everyone will upgrade then
    6. he
      henry winkler
      Xbox One is only now blooming, watch this space
    7. villan4eva
      Kinect will come back even if it means actually making milo and kate a real game instead of a tech demo that got everyone's hopes up
    8. s1m0n
      Alot of microsofts downfalls is bad mouthing on the internet. The main issue was e3 2013 which god knows why they went down that route but they changed.

      Developers are being lazy as ps4 is simple to code for and xbox one is a little tricky due to the unique GPU/APU design which uses esram and this is the main reason for the resolution issues, also microsoft has a minimum AA of x2 which the PS4 does not.

      Im not a rich person by any means but have both consoles and both are excellent.

      Will microsoft fail ? I doubt it, if anything sony have a bigger chance of financially collapsing due to its poor management of its divisions and not properly adjusting to samsungs rise in technology power.

      Last estimates of X1 sales were 6 million world sales .

      I read a article about ps4 still cant cope with demand and shops are still sold out but every shop I have been in has had plenty.

      To be honest all the flack microsoft X1 has gotten and how many hits sony have made at it in remarks and snide comments, Microsoft has been the bigger man as they have not responded !!! unless you count E3 2014 which they done dam well and by that they announce games with actual release dates on almost every game and all running on X1 and not a supped up computer.
    9. scousetomo
      <blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="winkler" data-time="1404127975">
      Xbox One is only now blooming, watch this space
      i agree m8 later this year some good titles are coming i cant wait

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