Introducing Xbox Minis

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Introducing Xbox Minis

Bullet May 10, 2014

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    What is Xbox Minis?

    Xbox Minis is a fan created example of how snap could be used whilst waiting in game lobbies.

    What does Xbox Minis do?

    Basically it is an app that will allow users to snap from the main game lobby to mini games that can be played with friends.

    The recently released Xbox One and Windows 8 game Nutjitsu allows its user to play any Xbox One title and still be able to snap to the game. This method works as Nutjitsu is essentially a Windows 8 app being run on the Xbox One, and Xbox One allows snapping between multiple apps.

    So Klodeckel1990 (reddit user) has taken this concept and designed a new layout for the Xbox One OS and named it ‘Xbox Minis’. Although mini games is basically the same thing it will allow you to snap to mini games that can be played with friends rather than just a different app.


    As you can see in the image the games shown are simple games that can easily be played in a short amount of time, games like Tic Tac toe. I would like to maybe see things like pacman given a choice, but what do you think, is this a great idea or just a silly gimmick ?
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